Anonymous – Nomination #10 For Global Pet Foods Heoric Heart

I nominate Gwen Boers of Birch Haven Rescue ( for the Heroic Heart Award. Gwen personifies both words Heroic and Heart. She has championed and saved hundreds of broken, abused, and neglected giant (and a few small) breed dogs over her almost 20 years ‘in the trenches’. She is the Hero to hundreds of animals and thousands of friends, family and volunteers. She gives her Heart completely over to every new animal, 100% without exception or compromise. It doesn’t matter if they are a puppy with a full life ahead of them or a senior; all are given the chance to find (many for the first time) the loving family they may not have ever had otherwise. Gwen doesn’t like to take much credit for her deeds, she likes to say we are all ‘links in the chain of success’ – but it is Gwen who organizes those links, forges them together, makes them strong, and does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes through the good and the heartache. There are many worthy people on your list already, but I hope you will give the small rescue, that does big things a chance. You see, many of the dogs Gwen takes in are not in good shape, physically and emotionally. These are not easily fixed and many cost thousands of dollars in vetting and rehabilitation, be it surgery, diet, exercise or medications. They all get whatever they need, no question. It is more important for Birch Haven to adopt a dog to the right home not any home, I think this is one of the best things about her program. Gwen also runs a Haven program, a palliative care hospice if you will. Dogs who have been deemed unsuitable for adoption (many due to severe medical problems) are given a wonderful home for the rest of their lives, no mater how long or short they have, they are all loved.