BHRR's Leroy is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION again! After being under a pending adoption for 8 weeks as of today, and, doing a home-visit on July 17th, all members of the BHRR BOD, plus the two approved BHRR Volunteers that came to do the home-visit, are all in unanimous agreement that, this home is not meant for BHRR's Leroy after all and, so, he is staying with us. This means, that he is once again available for adoption to that right matched forever loving home that is meant for him.

BHRR's Leroy needs to go to a home that is not going to be away from home a lot. He needs a home that understands that consistency, patience, understanding, routine, rules and, obedience are going to be required to keep him being the amazing dog he is. He is a dog that now has wonderful manners, does not exude severe SA behaviours, is calm and, comfortable, social and, affectionate to all his friends plus loved ones. A home that knows that behaviour is not changed, it is modified and managed is what is necessary for BHRR's Leroy for set-up for success.

BHRR needs to approve homes that are going to be honest with us right from the beginning of the adoption process that shall enable relationships to be built up of mutual trust, respect, open communication and, what is in the best interest of the dog and their home. We need homes that are going to listen to us as the experts on these dogs and, understand that, it is not 'I' and, a BHRR dog, it is a BOD plus the BHRR Village/Community and each BHRR dog. There were 6 of us involved in this possible adoption process and, we are not desperate to adopt our dogs, never have and, never shall be. Nor, are we about bringing them in and pumping them out. We are a CHAIN OF SUCCESS family, and, we shall continue to be that way. We do all that we can to work towards a successful new chapter being developed, and, in this case, I went out of pocket over $600 to do the travel time, use of gas, hotel rooms for myself plus one for the BHRR approved Volunteer that traveled with myself from the Ottawa area, we spent a whole afternoon plus into the early evening doing this hv and, will gladly do so again, to best determine if a home is meant for one of our BHRR dogs. We spare nothing for any of the dogs under our authority.

We believe that each r/q group operates in the best interest of the dogs under their authority and, doing r/q rescue right is not about winning any popularity contests, never has been and never will be. We can only hope that the right matched home meant for him, has not been missed out on with him being listed as 'unavailable for 2 months'. 🙁

Below are some photo's of him plus a Video – BHRR's Leroy VIDEO July 17th, 2014

First picture is from May 31st, 2014 & second is from the hotel in London, Ontario in the wee early hours of July 18th, 2014

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