Photo taken, wee hours of the AM July 18th at the amazing Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre Best Western Plus in London, ON, where thanks to Tracy 's amazing recommendation – had a great few hours rest before pushing home from London!
BHRR's Leroy is moving to an ADOPTED STATUS and, he shall go to his new home in August 2014.
I will get a family photo of him then to post!
This was a very packed 24+ hours! Thank you to Margaret Aris for roadtripping with me, thank you to Lindsay Barbosa for meeting us in London to do this HV, thank you to the home for spending the afternoon with us, once we found your home , thank you to Kathy Rader-Cahill and Terry, Jacob and Tracy for hosting Margaret and I, the evening of the 17th with an incredible dinner plus dessert and, the great visit!
Thank you again Tracy for this fabu recommendation of a place to stay as Joyce at their reception, was so absolutely kind to me and my dogs. BHRR's Leroy had a great trip as, did my Oatmeal and, the weather was fantastic to drive in over the last 24+ hours!
BHRR's Leroy and Oatmeal rocked the trip and the hotel experience! We even had our own small courtyard to share with a few other rooms. WHAT a lovely trip!!! 🙂