I pretty much knew heading into this home-visit that we would not do an adoption. Lovely home yet, I felt they needed an older and smaller GD, female or a much smaller male.

The home thought BHRR's Treasure was big and, for a male, he is not as large as many out there. 🙂 This home-visit was used as an education and q&a and, they could see just how 'big' he was in their home(another reason, that if a GD is what they want, they should consider a smaller male or even a female and one, that is a 'starter' kind of GD) and, how many bags it can take to pick up GD poop! 😀 We stayed for 1 hour and 15 minutes and, they got hands on exposure to an actual GD and, could really experience the Dane lean, the Dane sit, the 'in your face, cannot walk a straight line, no interpersonal space' Giant that Great Danes can be.

The home had wanted a male GD(Mr. did, Mrs. wanted a female) and, as a home that had never owned a dog before themselves, BHRR's Treasure is not that right matched fit dog. They also did not want a 'freaky.crazy colour' (their words)- so, wanted black or fawn preferably. They seemed more suited to a dog that loves to be around as opposed to being on top of you or following your every move. Though, they said one of their cats very much keeps their eye on them and follows them from room to room! 🙂

The suggestion was made to keep being patient, they were approved to adopt a bonded pair of Great Danes from another group yet, one fell ill. I passed along my professional opinion that I have no knowledge of the size of the two Great Danes they had been looking at, and, they could be small males. Each group out there has the processes and procedures they do that they believe to be in the best interest of the animals' under their authority. We are not an expert on the other groups out there nor are we an expert of the Danes' in other organizations' care.

I offered, if they would like, to bring more Danes over for them to visit and get to have more hands on with to help them best determine if a Great Dane is meant for them. I offered to bring over BHRR's Cherry and BHRR's Hailey – both are excellent with cats, are great 'starter' Great Danes and, solid temperaments, with BHRR's Hailey also being older and quite calm. I have always stated that I do not care if a dog is adopted from BHRR for as long, as a dog is adopted from a r/q Rescue program, I am in support for that will open up a spot in said program for another dog in need!

They need a calm, quieter personality than BHRR's Treasures' huge zest for life and, puppylike antics. 🙂

Wishing the home all the very best and, BHRR's Treasure, your right matched home is out there!