On Sunday June 1st, 2014, BHRR did Adoption #364

Thank you to Auntie Margaret Aris for roadtripping with me, and, thank you to this lovely family for opening up their showcase home to us and, for being that right matched forever loving home for a BBBBB!

This home has loved BHRR's Jetta for some time, and, even met her at our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House in November, yet, the timing was not right for their home to put in an application at that time to adopt.

BHRR's Dyson had a really great positive experience coming with us for this hv and, while the home had their hearts set on BHRR's Jetta, BHRR's Dyson was also one of possible interest and, he came with us to see if he could be a right matched fit, yet, he was not…..BUT, his home is out there! We know it is!

Congrats to you Jetta!! It was an emotional time on the drive home with such happiness and, a few tears of "I will deeply miss her'
WHAT I love about this photo is that each human member has their hand touching her!

Margaret got some stunning photo's with her more professional camera and, when she is back up and running on her own computer, she shall send our way….she got some incredible photo's of her and BHRR's Dyson! I have a couple from my iPhone of BHRR's Dyson and will post on his blog. 🙂

photo 1