BHRR's Porridge is long overdue for an update. I was waiting for all findings and testing to be back before posting. He is officially diagnosed with Inflammatory Nasal Disease. One of the things I felt he could have. I was not 100% convinced(LOVE my Vet team) re: the nasal tumor and yet, also did believe them that this could have been a nasal obstruction situation. They have been all on board and supportive with me looking for second and third and more in respect to opinions and, expertise to help me and, in turn, possibly help him.

Unfortunately, the IND is due to auto-immune reasons and I could move on to all sorts of biopsies and tissue samples and surgeries(IF he would even survive the anesthetic) and, knowing that there is nothing that can resolve his situation(I did not think by going down this further route of investigation that there was going to be some miracle cure or treatment yet, I wanted to know if there was something missing in the equation that could give him a longer better qualify filled life). Sadly, not really….he remains on the Pred with 50 mg SID and, we continue to love him, have play dates and spoiling visits with family and friends and tons of his fans!

The terrible part in all of this is, that with the warmer weather, he is struggling further and, my promise has always remained to him quality of life…qualify of life, no matter how much I am dying inside of pain over the inevitable and all too soon loss of his amazing presence.

With him struggling more when it is quite humid, he is at high risk of laryngeal paralysis, or polyneuropathy complex. He panics when he cannot breathe quite right(his right nostril is completely blocked), mostly in the middle of the night, AND, only on the extreme humid nights, even with a/c blasting. I was going to let him go this week, as, no way, did I want to see him in that state….through these two nights though, he has eaten(he has been off the mirtazapine for ages now), drank, played, rested(in his special resting position and, doing great!), energy level is pretty much back to normal and he has put on much of the weight he lost…still a wee bit spiny yet, he is now over the age of 6 and getting 'old man' spread as we call it. To watch him zip and zoom is like nothing is wrong with him…..

Then, the temperatures dropped again, and, he was all back on track…so, then, I did not bring him in to let him go. I have the three 24/7 emerge hospitals at my fingertips to bring him in on a moment's notice if need be for, we are facing a time clock that as much as I would like to turn to the fall, winter or even earlier spring, I cannot. So, as summer approaches, it is killing him and, while so many of us look forward to summer, to me, it is a death sentence for him and, for me, my nightmares coming closer to reality………… 🙁 🙁

The one and only 'acceptance of peace' that I have in my heart and soul is that I have covered all medical ground that I felt I needed to, and left no rock unturned to give him all that he deserves and, that is a peace that I did not have before…..

To be better informed of his condition, to know that aryngeal paralysis, or polyneuropathy complex is highly possible for him and, to know that there is nothing more than quality of time, tons of spoiling love and lots of treats, is all that I can give him is the only gift I have to cherish. He has been through enough and, the rest of his time is going to be ALL the things he loves and, all the people that he loves and that love him……what I tell many of my behavioural clients, is what I am going to embrace now….'no glass bubble' and 'do not mourn him as if he is already gone in the time I have left as, that time cannot be taken back and re-lived'….'live in the moment and to the fullest'…

AND, no one can believe that he is still with us and looking mighty fine!!! So, please keep him in your best of blessings, thoughts and well wishes…..he is one HECK of a special dog…..LOVE you BHRR's Porridge….I remember holding you in the palm of one hand and fighting for a month to save you and the rest of your litter plus mom from the freezing outside weather of March/April…..and, watching you put MegaE in its place – the specialists said you would die long before your reached adult hood! We watched you stare IS in the face AND, we watched you grow up to be 178 pounds of uber fantastical love. 🙂 🙂 You have given us so much….I can only hope in turn, that we gave back to you on iota of the heart, soul, joy, laughter and care that you bestowed upon us………..

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