BHRR’s Leroy came to work with me last night and his weight is now 52.90 KGS(116.38 pounds). Since Saturday he has already put on 7.38 pounds. I meant to scan him for a chip and, will do that later as I want to keep bringing him on a regular basis to monitor that weight gain.

I had the Vet also look closely at his lymph nodes for the one on the right side of his neck is swollen. It is not hard, yet soft and, his other lymph nodes – including shoulders areas are fine. We will monitor and see what his bw says. I want to rule out any medical reasons for why he was so emaciated when I received him. Yet, in having put on 7.38 pounds in just four days, he clearly was not getting enough to eat.

We did blooodwork including a HWT and, despite having three pokes, he rocked! He is becoming more and more playful and, has an issue even, if I try to go to the bathroom without him – as with many dogs – he seems to think I am going to jump out some imaginary window and disappear! He just snuffled and huffed and puffed under the door until I came out and then, was like ‘Oh! There you are! I was fine, nothing to worry about!’ LOL He was awesome in his kennel run all day, not a peep!

He quickly won over all clients and staff alike! He is uber sweet and, I got a small video of him with his Vet tossing him treats and him catching them in his mouth.

He is still slightly dehydrated yet, getting there. He makes a great car companion also!

He is so nice. Such a nice boy. He had no issues with a cat being walked by him in a carrier yet, the bunny rabbit that ran across our path as Sean, myself and his Vet were talking after work in the parking lot, almost had him taking my whole arm off. NO exotics for him! He does not bother with our gippers though yet, he is still settling in!

VIDEO BHRR’s Leroy April 9, 2014