AND, here is the testimonial that was publicly posted by the home that had the special picnic date with BHRR's Hailey on Sunday! Posted here with permission! Thank you to the home for giving BHRR's Hailey a wonderful experience to continue to keep her on that path of being so well rounded and balanced! 🙂

The Bird's Nest was privileged to enjoy a wonderful date on Sunday with BHRR's Hailey!! This was a special day for us as we had a date with Hailey last year and it was just lovely to celebrate how far both Adele and Hailey have come in that time. Hailey had a grand time with the super kong. She had it tossing and tumbling all over the living room and several times just picked it up and took it over to the bed! I have to say, I used to think it was a large item, until I saw Hailey carry it around as it if were a milkbone!
Hailey is a stellar lady and I am most baffled as to how this charming, affectionate, vivacious and very well mannered girl has not yet found her home. She walked beautifully on leash, sat and shook a paw for all her treats, graciously accepted that the amazing picnic lunch was not going to be shared her way (don't worry, we had some beef lung waiting!) was quite happy to amuse herself as to settle in for a nap, was very respectful of Adele and in all other ways showed all the fine characteristics that are the hallmark of a BHRR dog. We are talking one top notch puppy dog!
The Nest wishes Hailey all the very best in finding her right matched forever home in the blink of an eye, though it was clear for all to see when she wiggled, wagged and talked herself silly at the sight of Gwen at pick up time that she is hail, hearty, happy and wanting for nothing at BHRR until that day comes!  🙂
We luvs you Hailey!!