MY last post before bed is to please ask if people could spare a thought for BHRR's Reese…

Her spay is today – Friday October 25th – having had to be rescheduled from Thursday October 24th.

Our Dobie Doll AKA BHRR's Beautiful Bambi Baby is heading to LAH – Liston Animal Hospital for her spay.

Her bw is good, her Von Willebrand's Assay was negative and everything crossed that she will have an uneventful surgery.

She is our blind, hearing impaired & neuro beauty that has inspired so many!!!!

AND cannot wait to find out what her new weight is….all of us here, can still carry her with ease.

We will take a closer look at her tail and that tiny growth on her foot too. Plus give her another mani/pedi while she is under.

Once, she recovers from her spay, she will be placed up for adoption!

She has taught me a lot since her arrival and she is going to make me smile and cry when it is her time to go……

So, please, if, you could possibly spare a thought or a blessing her way, I and I know that she would be so touched….

AND, thank you to the special angel that made a very generous and caring donation to her spay surgery… know who you are AND know that you are SOOOOOOOOOO appreciated and valued and we are privileged to know you!