She can go to a home as an only dog OR she can go to a home that already has a right matched personality fit dog, male or female.

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, works from home, semi-retired or retired. ANOTHER versatile BHRR canine! 🙂

She is 100% housebroken, good leash manners, quite obedient and the one thing I wish for her is LOTS of space to run…for she LOVES running….and, to watch her is truly a delight! She will make you laugh and smile and even well up with a tear with how emotional she is in her sheer joy of being free! 🙂 She is a wonderful travel companion too! Short VIDEO of her below. She much rather have checked out the car than pay attention to the camera! LOL


She has become so outgoing, affectionate and loving….curious too! 🙂

She is going to make someone a very special addition! She is truly stunning, both inside and out!

HER REALITY SLIDE is below of her rehab journey at BHRR!