BHRR's Cancun had a good sleep over play date experience from my understanding and thank you to the home for giving him this special time. As I keep saying experiences like this continue to make the BHRR dogs that much more well rounded plus balanced. As so many know, I keep working to make dogs assets to home and community and to be the best dogs they can be!

BHRR's Cancun and I did not get to go to our 3:30 PM special event yesterday yet, we are rescheduling and after I picked him up after my work shift; he and I stopped by one of our absolutely most fav places in the world! PV Stittsville…many others are finding this to be their fav place too based upon our own amazing experiences! LOVE it!

I was able to confirm WITHOUT a doubt that BHRR's Cancun should not go to a home with cats. I had strong suspicions and feelings regarding this as I have come to know him very well, and, the answer is no….he will not go to any home with cats.

Below is a photos that one of the lovelies at PV Stittsville took of him. LOVE it!

HE was very popular in our recent BHRR DATE ONLINE Auction and I look forward to making the winner bidders their personalized picnic! 🙂

BHRR's Cancun – April 27th, 2013
*Photo courtesy of Bre