While he would do great in a home without any other dogs, I would like for him to go to a home with at least one other right mtached personality fit dog. This boy came to us TERRIFIED of other dogs and the poof is in the photos and videos of him that he is NO longer that dog. It has been a long journey to get him to this point and we shall only see him continue to be set-up for success.

HERE IS a WINTER WONDERFUL BHRR VIDEO of him from February 27th, 2013

If he does not have regular exposure to a social stable network of dogs, I worry that he may resort back to the boy that would arch up like a cat and try to skuttle away from all dogs in nervousness and then if pushed, bark to try and tell any dogs to just please leave him alone. If a dog is going to get into his face, he is going to first try to walk away and then, he will give a bark if the dog persists as he just wishes to be left alone. AMAZING restraint and control he has.

The only time now that he makes a sound is if we have him in a crate to eat and he is done and wants out yesterday! LOL

He has proven 100% trustworthy in our home.

We do not know how he is with cats and very small dogs. He does not bother with our 9 pound Sir-Bounce-A-Lots yet, he is not really a dog….he is more like a black blur! 😉

He is completely housebroken and he is not a smooth Saint at all. As he has rehabbed at BHRR, his coat has been coming in beautifully!

He can go to a home that works full time, part time, semi-retired, retired, works from home etc. He is yet again, another very versatile dog! 🙂 AND we know that he is a great traveller! 😉

He is very very very affectionate and loving to humans. Not Saint like at all with strangers…very social and pet me now and please pet me some more! We do not wish to place him in a home that have children under the age of 8, should a home with children wish to appy to adopt him. He has been great with all that he has met, he lives with our two yet, we, want him to not have to have any extra worries about small children accidentally pulling his tail, ears or teasing him. It happens, even, in the best of intended homes and while dogs need to learn to act properly around kids, the same applies to children around dogs. BHRR's Cancun is a VERY patient dog and a very social boy! For all that he has gone through in his short life to date, we would like him to be a big focus in the home.

He gets along with all the dogs here yet, my two cropped Danes tend to still confuse him with those ears they have. He is still trying to figure the ears out…sniffling and snuffling them! LOL

Below is his REALITY SLIDE and I want to extend credit where it is due. Petopia Cancun deserves to be thanked for saving his life and being in the right spot at the right time as he was crossing the road that day. I want to thank Pamela for contacting BHRR and asking if we could possibly assist. I want to thank Nikki for escorting him to Canada. I want to thank Sonyia for road-tripping with me(and taking me on this magical hwy to get to the airport and back so wonderfully) and I want to thank everyone in-between that I may have missed and should not be in helping to come together to give him this opportunity at the best future possible! I want to thank the amazing folks I work with at KAH for all their help getting him to healthy status with me.

It takes a village people say to do things great and right and beyond and it is so true!

I am ONLY one piece in this whole miraculous, amazing journey this boy took! Yes, he lives with me….yet, SOOOOOOOOOOO many, including my family have been involved in helping BHRR's Cancun become this stupendous creature that was always there yet, just needed some love and TLC to shine once more!

His story is such a beautiful one…..I look forward to many more chapters in this boys' life!