BHRR's Autumn had her abdominal u/s this time with Dr. Javinsky and her heart u/s on the 5th.

In conversing in depth with Dr. Javinsky, he said that in his expert opinion, that her positional hear murmur, that is only heard while she is under sedation is due to the sedation meds itself, not because of any underlying heart disease. None of us could ever recall hearing a HM when she was not sedated. He also did not believe that based upon her age that she had DCM and was causing her to not gain weight.

Yet, in order to stay proactive and preventative, he was very respectful with my request to still do a heart u/s. We wish to adopt BHRR's Autumn at some point and I do not want anyone having any questions re: her heart. I wanted that closed with a final professional analysis. If this was my own dog, I told Dr. Javinsky, I trust him 100% and would not question his expertise and that I still was not questioning his expertise, yet, it is so important to me to have everything covered and documented and closed off on so that any future adoptive home will know that we have been honest and upfront and extremely diligent about her welfare.

I am committed to BHRR's Autumn as I am with all of our dogs and I will keep going the process of elimination as needed to figure out this lack of weight gain.

Her weight was back up to 50.1 KGs(110.22 pounds) and Dr. Javinsky asked me what I would like to see her at and I said 125 minimum right now. Ideally, 130 pounds etc.

We have had her at this exact weight in the past and I was happy to see it going up again. THOUGH, not as much as it really should be.

One of the other Vets asked about her de-worming protocol and we went through her file and the suggestion was to try de-worming her a third time again.

The abdominal u/s showed normal gallbladder(large as she was fasted for breakfast), normal kidneys, liver etc. ALL normal!

Her heart u/s showed per Dr. Javinsky, one of the best Great Dane hearts ever! 🙂 No signs of any DCM and her heart was pumping beautifully. He was so happy, as was I!

No masses found and so, her lack of weight gain remains a mystery….Dr. Javinsky suggested that maybe, I should consider Pred and to think about it a bit.

He did say that he would be measuring her intestines and recorded them from the u/s as IBD is his next possible thought. She does have food allergies yet she does not have any vomiting or diarrhea or pain/discomfort upon examination to suggest any IBD. He said that the only true way to know is a biopsy of her intestine yet, did not feel this is the route we should be going down right at this time.

I want to thank Dr. Javinsky for all of his time, patience in answering my endless questions, his sense of humour, he care of BHRR's Autumn and being so willing to help figure out what may be happening.

Everyone at the Hospital also agreed that this is one HEALTHY dog with her 'bulldozer' and 'violent in affection ways' and that she is full of muscle and happy and alert and not acting in any manner sick…another thing that Dr. Javinsky and I discussed is that she does not have any coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath etc. Yet, we still went ahead with the u/s to close off.

I want to also thank him for the 10% discount on her bills for that day.

From here, my next move forward approach was to go alternative and holistic….acupuncture and massage. It would not hurt and I was beginning to wonder just how stoic this dog is with her two blown cruciates and chronic state of such. Sooooooooooooooo, if one is not 100% comfortable and being distracted by play or friends etc., one has more time to focus on pain and I am wondering if that is part of her eating or rather lack of eating woes.

I have to say that in less than a week of doing this, she has put on some weight….not a heck of a lot AND so, it is not hurting and is helping some.

I have been de-worming her again, we shall repeat fecal, urine and bw all over again within a month. She has battled so much that I am wondering that if it is like BHRR's Bishop…way too much and the 'good' stuff of meds was beginning to affect her already compromised immune system.

I strongly believe in a balance between conventional and alternative/holistic medicine and for those that follow the blogs, they will confirm that.

I am going to stay positive on this next stage of where I am with her and see what the end of February brings with weight gain etc. I am not putting this dog under such a long anaesthetic to repair one, let alone possibly two cruciates in two separate surgeries unless I can make her more healthy. I would rather her move to our HAVEN PROGRAM and be on palliative care for quality of life over such a high risk of losing her under such a surgery or two being this skinny.

February 5th's bills were just over $1,000 and so we are really going to have to work on some Fundraisers for her. I have some photos of her from her one abdominal u/s from KAH and then the ultrasounds with Dr. Javinsky and shall post them later….bed is calling my name…. 🙂 It has been a very busy weekend and this next week is going to be incredibly busy too.

People can donate to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 OR Liston Animal Hospital (613) 591-0966 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Autumn'. They will take Debit or Cash in person too!

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

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BHRR's AUTUMN's AWESOMEFIED Angels  $4,276.81 donated to date & Bills $6,475.42
Anna & Peter
Maggie/Derek – bag of FROMM Whitefish dog food
Kathryne – microchip & to purchase a bag of FROMM Whitefish Dog Food
Liza/Kelly + Gracie – 3 bags of FROMM Whitefish Dog Food

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TONS of positive thoughts and vibes

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