How EXCITED I am to write this blog! 😉

BHRR's Emmett ROCKED it at zee Vet today! His leash manners were so much better, getting there, some moments of his mind just going into la la land as he is still afterall, BHRR's Emmett! LOL

He travelled fabuly in the car!!! He had a slight moment of anxiety when I first stopped at the Vet and he thought he was being left behind yet, by the time we left and I stopped for gas on the way home, he sat like a real pro in the back seat and many admired him…so much, that I had to take him out of the car for a visit….which held up the pumps yet, no one seemed to mind! 🙂

At the Hospital HUGE HUGE HUGE hit as always! That butt just a wiggles and a waggles as he is sitting and that tail stub is going nonstop. He is praise motiviated, food/treat motivated and toy motivated. He is just so eager to please, very outgoing, social and not a MEAN bone in that body.

The Vet could not believe how stacked he was with muscle. He was very impressed. AND when one of my fellow uber special team members was rubbing his ears, he was almost dozing off in absolute pleasure…..

He had a wee bit of barking in the back run here and there yet, settled down extremely well and his sub/excite peeing is very little these days.

He had a GREAT Septembe 29th, 'DINE WITH THE BHRR' Animals Event too and had a big fan club that night here! 😉

I have two photos posted below of that evening.

At his Vet visit – BHRR's Emmett is now 5+ months of age, he weighed 26.6 KGs(58.52 pounds). Most of us are not convinced he is a pb Giant Sch. YET no matter, he is GIANT in personality and heart and soul! 🙂 He is not going to be a super tall boy yet, he is going to be very muscled(as that right matched forever loving home is going to be diligent about keeping up with not just his mental stimulation but his physical stimulation too.) and quite stocky. A very well built young man he is already!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those ears!

He received his DAPP booster and his Rabies and I am running another fecal – just to be sure all the eastie beasties are now gone! The Vet did not feel that another UA was necessary at this time and so onward we go to prepare for his neuter as he is now HEALTHY! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO! YIPPPPPPPEEE!

In the house, he really is a well behaved boy and I can take him on walks/hikes and he is very good about 'checking in' and 'watching me' and he is very bonded. He is an immensely loyal and dedicated boy.

The way he looks at me with those eyes, never challenging, just wonderfully gazing into my eyes to see what I may want next and what we may be doing next and the humour plus trust in those eyes is so deeply humbling.

To whomever adopts him, you are truly WINNING the lottery with this charming young man. He will make you laugh daily.

As he has received more and more structure and obedience, he understands what is appropriate and not and yes, he is always going to be BHRR's Emmett with that imp of fun and I never want that to go away; yet; he is going to be an obedience pro to that right home…..he will knock the socks right off you in his eagerness to please.

I cannot speak highly enough about this boy…..He is so not for the faint of heart in many ways; yet; that has all be directed and focused on appropriate displays of when to be a goofball and heck, he is wants to take the occasional piece of paper(well, ok…maybe, not the $20 bill and the $25 check he took off Sean's desk meant for BHRR today!) I am good with it!

That right matched forever loving home just cannot be a lazy one as this is a young boy who needs continued growth and direction to keep moving forward in that right area BUT it is not hard to train him…hard sometimes to focus him as while my mouth is talking, he is staring at the treat! LOL So, we are working on praise in lieu of treats and he cares not…HE just wants to please and be with you and do what you want to do and he is housebroken, crate trained and other than the rare chomp on a piece of wood furniture still; he is almost 100% trustworthy in our home. That is very impressive for only being 5 months of age!

He is smart this one and very talented. His personality reminds me very much of a Golden Retriever – that outgoing, social spazz, goofy temperament, loving all that cross his path and the sun is ALWAYS shining in his world. Despite whatever has happened in his past, his days are full of rainbows OF ALL COLOURS LOL!

As he matures and with the obedience, he is settling into the nicest of gems…….he is good about not rumbling in the house any longer and no racetracks at 3 AM for him anymore.

He really only wants to be loved and accepted for who he is…….he is a true asset to our home and to the community and that right forever loving home will keep him that way.

He can be adopted to a home that works ft, pt, semi-retired, works from home, retired etc. He is very versatile.

He would do great in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog, children he is good with – would not recommend super small children as he is working through that jump stage, a home that likes to walk, not a too busy home that will overstimulate him as he so enjoys his downtime too plus Sunday snoozing/naps. He loves the company of his humans.

He can be a bit of a rough house player still with some of the dogs, yet, he has learned 'gentle' and 'easy' and 'be nice' and 'baby' and he really does 'get it'. 🙂

This boy had no structure before he came to BHRR and was so confused…..HE is a model pupil now!

This boy is going to make one lucky home SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Emmett'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

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BHRR's Emmett – September 29th, 2012