BHRR’s Dozer arrived to BHRR on Friday and does have clear stranger danger and some dog woes.

While I was at the meeting place with the one amazing Volunteer who transported him on his second leg to BHRR(thanks to the wonderful first transporter too); he saw a car load of people and while he barked; his tail wagged. He did the same thing to two people who came put of the one store.

Yet, when the next two people came out of the store; he did not stop barking when prompted and all the hair on his back went up. AND the more he was barking; the more nervous the people became whic then ‘fed’ BHRR’s Dozer.

We did not allow him to meet anyone this day and I already knew going in that he had lack of social skills and possible dog concerns.

He travelled well and I am glad I arrived home just before it was full dark as I did not want him meeting Sean in the dark. His transport began at 2:30 pm and it was 9:15 pm when I arrived home; a long day.

He was full on barking and hair raised to Sean and would not take a treat or was interested in making a friend.

So, we waited and stood talking many feet apart and BHRR’s Dozer calmed down – he was told ‘Dozer, no barking’ and then passively ignored after three times. He was calmly and positively told he was ‘ok’ three separate times and then passively ignored. Took no more than ten minutes and Sean could then approach and the relationship between these two was forged!

Thank you again to his transporters for giving him a calm, patient and positive experience while he was in their care. That was so FANTASTIC as that is what he needs.

He has a ton of potential and he will be given all the time he needs with his rehab.

He lacks muscle tone in his hind end and he is a bit ‘off’ when he walks yet; we need to give him time to settle in before stressing him out with exams and x-rays. He is also a bit chubby wubby and needs to firm up and lose some weight. 😉

Nothing about his conformation indicates anything more than a gorgeous EM – a reverse Brindle; yet; he could have Neo and it is not presenting on his appearance. 🙂

He is tall and for those who have met our EM Guinness(8.5 now); he is not all that far off in size.

He does growl at most of the other dogs and has been integrated with just a few girls to date; dogs like BHRR’s Gretta.

He is doing great with his crate training; eating more with each day and is drinking well. He has proven completely housebroken and has no issues with either Sean or I handling his food.

Will take photos to post as I can.

When he settles in more; I am going to set up some very quiet dates with some approved Volunteers and we are going to just sit and visit and do this many many many many times in his rehab. process.

I have set up a vet visit in August and update his vaccines at that time for I was told that at his last vet visit with his old home; he freaked. He needs to have his DAPP updated, I want a thorough exam per our protocol, hwt, microchip and anything else necessary for his well being. I am deworming him now plus have him on heartworm preventative.

We shall see what toe touching etc. does for him after he settles some.

This boy is going to take me on an incredible journey!!!