Here are two photos that I took of BHRR's Petal today! SHE is beginning to really enjoy the camera! She will sit and just look right at it!!! OR maybe, it is me that she is looking at and wondering why I am behind this big lens! LOL That is more likely the real truth! 😉

She is a model for sure!

Doesn't she look so much more relaxed and less tense? AND she is so very nicely groomed now! THE hair that I took out of her! She is still very thin, yet; getting there.

After she and BHRR's Rose are spayed, on July 10th(want to give them more time for the weight to come on); then they shall begin to be separated from being in the same crate. They both need to become strong where they are weak and there relationship is not always the healthiest. BHRR's Rose is a dom girl – sweet yet dom and we need BHRR's Petal to become more and more of her own girl and BHRR's Rose to relax and not to feel like she has to step up and care for BHRR's Petal all the time.

Already they are on their own, spending some time away from each other when they do venture outside etc. AND that is very healthy!


BHRR's Petal – June 29th, 2012