BHRR's Goliath went to his new forever adoptive home on Friday June 15th, 2012! ADOPTED!!!

From a post I made on our BHRR FB Page:

AND he is off! Just dropped off BHRR's Goliath to his new forever loving adoptive home. Will post a photo later and a short video! Another very special dog that will be deeply missed.
Just before I left; I bent down; whispered how amazing he was; how deserving he was; how so many have been cheering or this very moment to happen or him; asked him to never change – to keep everyone around him entertained and on their toes while at the same time show the world how much he has learned in gentlemanly manners!! Just as I finished telling how much he is loved; I felt a tear well up and he turned his head and kissed it away…..
What an emotional week it has been….
Tomorrow, on to another possible GD adoption and next Thursday; another. How blessed are these sweet animals of BHRR!