The Wait – Rescue Poem

The Wait

Here in a crate I sit here alone
Longing for a forever home
People to love me, pet me, feed me
I’m left by myself wanting people to own

Day by Day as time goes by
People just walk by and I give them a cry
They only glance by my way
And I can only sit down and sigh

The people just pass me by
They think I am too old
If they only knew
That I am only two?

I finally gave up
I sit in my crate
Am I finding a home
Or facing a fate?

A day finally came
The people I did see
I looked up forlorn
They were looking at me!

I ran to the door
With hope in my eyes
They just had to like me
I don’t want to die

They took me in and gave me lots of love
A great forever home
Thank you for the rescuers
And I’ll never again be alone

Written for DDBS Rescues Diggum, Aza and Ruby (Forever in Peace) the Rescues, Rescuers, Fosters and Forever Homes