GasX & Zantac

GasX & Zantac Information

I use GasX here(Antigas / Simethicone 166 mg and 180 mg) and Zantac 75


The usual dose is 1 or 2 pills as needed. Do not take give more than 6 chewable tablets, 4 extra-strength soft gels, or 3 maximum-strength soft gels in a 24 hour period.

I use the extra strength 166 mg soft gels – so a total of 4 soft gels in a 24 hour period

or I use the maximum-strength 180 mg soft gels – so a total of 3 soft gels in a 24 hour period

Zantac 75(Ranitidine):
One to two tablets and no more than 2 tablets within 24 hours.
You can give an antacid for pain(Gas-x can come with antacid btw) while you are giving Zantac(which is an antacid). Zantac will assist with pain/discomfort.

Our PPSS is on GasX daily. He is given 2 GasX every meal and is fed BID. You can visibly see his tummy swell up with gas as he is eating and even more so, after eating. Due to his immature digestive system, he is not very effective in getting air out and it is getting worse as he ages(5 years in April).

Many Vets also recommend giving your pet GasX daily to help with gas break up and to be proactive/preventative re: bloat.

Author: Gwendilin Boers