Doggy Sunscreen

Nothing that has PABA in it. Sunscreen should have a SPF of minimally 15 yet a good sunscreen which is also waterproof (if the dog is a water lover) is recommended.As we know, skin cancer does occur in animals as well as people. Animals most at risk for sun-caused skin disease and cancer are those with short, white coats, light-colored skin and those that have little hair on their tummies. Animals that like to sunbathe also are at higher risk.

Johnson & Johnson's Waterbabies, Bullfrog waterproof and EltaBlock waterproof are the one's that are waterproof pediatric or children's sunscreens. Sunscreens made for kids are often less likely to be irritating and often are scent-free. The benefit of waterproof sunscreen is that they're also dog-saliva-proof. Neutrogena & Aveeno also now have PABA free baby products.

Organic sunscreen made for babies are the best. The same ingredients that make it safe for a baby make it safe for a dog. An organic sunscreen without the chemicals is both a safe and practical alternative depending on the plant ingredients used.

We use Waterbabies on Soul, Bleach, Drift and on Potter. We also use it on any of the animals, including horses such as our Cassie or those that come into Rescue that are very white or fair.

An article on sunscreen from Veterinary Partner, a good resource yet, they have another article on there re: sunburn and, they recommend PABA. That is nothing something I have ever heard as being safe for a dog and, I have conferred with many a Vet. I shall continue to avoid PABA products and, PABA goes by a number of other names, including Aminobenzoic Acid, Aminobenzoate Potassium, Bacterial Vitamin H1, Vitamin B10, Vitamin Bx and Vitamin H1. So, do check the ingredients closely.

In respect to Zinc Oxide content, I was informed that small amounts are ok to be digested by a dog. I conferred with two specialists re: this from Alta Vista AH. Internal Specialist and a Dermatologist.

Author: Gwendilin Boers