Clean Paws 4 A Cause!

Made with such love and talent by Alison Skitt of Fitzroy and Fae!
Many of you may remember the gorgeous soaps she had available in December and many were given out as gifts – I have mine in my bathroom along with the two newest scents below.
Alison has made new creations and there are about 15 of each bar remaining and they are $10/bar.
She also has some unscented exfoliating (eczema and sensitive safe) which are $8/bar.
‘Hello Oslo’ – Just like its namesake, this majestic soap is a glistening, deep charcoal grey, with ghostly muted greys swirled throughout. A touch of blue biodegradable eco glitter is his crowning glory, just to accent his sparkle!
Scent: a rich, masculine-ish blend of bergamot, cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass essential oils, and a touch of star anise for a subtle black licorice note! Activated charcoal and therapeutic essential oils are this bar’s highlights!
‘The 3 Musketeers’ – A true representation of the trio’s beautiful markings. Hints of pink, white, and patches of shadowy black. Rose clay swirled into the top, for just the right amount of puppy-like chaos, with Himalayan rock salt adorning the top, for cleansing and new beginnings.
Scent : a LUSH cult favourite paraben and phthalate free fragrance oil , ‘Creamy Candy’. Activated charcoal, Kaolin clays, and a creamy dreamy scent are this bar’s highlights!
She is so happy to be contacted by each person to arrange delivery/pickup that suits everyone best. Either hands free pick up from parking lot at her work place from her car in Kanata, mailbox delivery for west end/Kanata/Carp area, or Canada post through her account.
To contact Alison Skitt; here is the Contact Form to reach out to her with any questions and to place your order:
100% of the proceeds will come to BHRR! Thank you yet, again Alison for your kindness plus generosity!