Charity Art Book 2012

I wish to extend a very heartfelt note of thanks to K. Buck who in October of 2008 contacted me about her idea to put together a Charity Art Book with profits being donated to BHRR. Her wonderfully unique idea was to put together an art book full of sketches & completed art of large/giant breed dogs and horses.

She is currently in the process of gathering high quality artists to donate artwork to the book. Kim’s goal is to have this book ready to sell by 2011.

Her goal is to keep the quality of the art as high as possible, with the hope of selling it at some local art book stores, as well as being able to ask for an equally fair price to maximize the profits for the animals of BHRR.

If you are interested in contributing to Kim’s ‘Charity Art Book’ project; she would be more than happy to take a look at your work and determine if it would fit in with the other artwork she is presently gathering. While your work will be a donation; it is great advertising opportunity for the artist; in addition to helping out such a great cause. To date, the responses that Kim has gotten has been overwhelming! I would like to extend on behalf of everyone at BHRR our own thanks for the response being so positive! There is also one individual who has worked at Sony Imageworks (they made the movies Open Season, Polar Express, and Surf’s Up) who is very interested in Kim’s spectacular project.

If you would like to contribute to this incredible project to support such an amazing cause or would like more information; please freel free to contact Kim directly.

See her wonderful Blog Post re: this Fundraiser with many details! Deadline September 1st, 2011.

UPDATE: April 23rd, 2012 from K. Buck “The book is SO very close to completion, we just need to hear back from one artist about getting a higher resolution image for the cover art, send it back to the printer for a proof copy and then we can send it out to the masses”