Autumn’s Online Auction

Welcome To BHRR's Autumn's EMERGENCY Online Auction to assist in raising much needed funds for her ever mounting Bills.
**We are contacting all winners as we can to confirm winnings, make payment arrangements including the s&h for those items listed as s&h to be paid by winner as they are coming direct from the USA**

Let me introduce you to BHRR's Autumn (HER BLOG)

BHRR's Autumns is a severely Neglected/Emaciated Great Dane that came to us from Kentucky, USA – Female, Harlequin, about 15 months of age, not spayed, eye(conjunctivitis & entropic eyes) and ear infections, possible food allergies, hair loss, edges/tips of ears small bits missing and very crusty, overgrown nails, FAD, possible hearing and/or vision loss, UTI, hips worries, two blown cruciates, three lumps/possible growths, Kennel cough, body condition 2/10(35+ pounds underweight), stools are sheer blood, possible pregnancy or false pregnancy or re-absorbed litter

Weight: 105.82 pounds(48.1 KGS)

$1,135 donated to date & Bills $2,898.73 to date
*she needs to be spayed plus have two separate cruciate surgeries.
**They may not be able to spay her at the time of any of her cruciate surgeries and that means at least 3 surgeries she is facing. 🙁


Rules of BHRR's Autumn's Auction

If you have any questions, problems with trying to bid, please email Gwen (

  • The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Monday October 29th, 2012. Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
  • The BHRR Auction will end at 10:00 PM EST on Monday November 5th, 2012. The highest bid on an item will be determined based on the time of the email sent as recorded by the time marked by our ISP
  • Please click on the “Image“ to view the item details.
  • All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must be done in $5.00 or Greater increments.
  • When bidding please include your first and last name, email plus a phone number that you can be reached at if necessary.
  • All Bidders must be at LEAST 18 years of age or older.
  • All bids are considered final and binding, please do not bid if you do not intend to follow through on payment. Also, please do not bid on behalf of anyone else without their explicit written permission. The owner of the email will be considered the bidder and responsible/accountable for the bid/payment should their email be the winning bid on any given item.
  • If you wish to leave a "maximum" bid on any item(s) as you will not be around to monitor the auction closely yourself, please indicate that in an email and indicate those particular item(s) of interest. Only emailed bids will be accepted.
  • FULL payment is required within 72 hours of being notified of being the winner of any bid item(s). Acceptable methods of payment include Cash, Email Transfer to or PayPal (account – 3% fee charge on total if not sent via PayPal 'gift' option OR Bank Draft to 'Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services'
  • Should you be in default of not honouring your bid(which really affects the animals the most), the next person with the highest bid shall be offered the item as the winner.
  • There are NO Refunds or Exchanges
  • Please NOTE description details as some items are coming direct from the USA and the winner is to pay for s&h
  • If s&h is included in the item such as being donated, the NOTE description will indicate as such
  • S&h is available on many items, items whereby s&h is not possible, shall be indicated in the NOTE desription of each item
  • Winner of "Autumn's Date' to be held in the Ottawa, Kanata, Gatineau, Orleans, Kemptville, Prescott, Brockville, Kingston areas ONLY

About Taxes: You are not actually buying any items in this online auction. What you are doing is making a donation and then receiving the item; as a thank you. All taxes have been paid on the items you are bidding on.