Ava Marie Online Auction

Thank you for your consideration in participating in ‘Ava Marie’s Online Auction’ and a LARGE heartfelt thanks to everyone who has generously donated items to help us raise much needed funds for Ava Marie’s 2nd cruciate repair surgery that has been scheduled for Friday August 13th @ Liston Animal Hospital.

We ONLY have $1,259.25 left to raise after the direct donations indicated below; by end of day on Friday August 13th, 2010!
**$50 raised to date during this ONLINE AUCTION by donations made directly to Ava Marie’s Action Assistance Fundraiser**

Rules of the BHRR Auction

If you have any questions, problems with trying to bid or would like to donate an item, please email Gwen (gwen@birchhaven.org)

  • The BHRR Auction will begin at 7:00 AM EST on Saturday July 31st, 2010. Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
  • The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Friday August 13th, 2010. The highest bid on an item will be determined based on the time of the email sent as recorded by the time marked by our ISP.
  • High bidders will be identified each day beside each item ONLY by their first name and last initial.
  • All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must be done in $5.00 or Greater increments.
  • When bidding please include your first and last name plus a phone number that you can be reached at if necessary.
  • All bids are considered final and binding, please do not bid if you do not intend to follow through on payment. Also, please do not bid on behalf of anyone else without their explicit written permission. The owner of the email will be considered the bidder and responsible/accountable for the bid/payment should their email be the winning bid on any given item.
  • High Bidders will be posted every day of the BHRR Auction and on the final Auction day; the bids shall be updated with postings made regularly until the BHRR Auction closes.
  • If you wish to leave a “maximum” bid on any item(s) as you will not be around to monitor the auction closely yourself, please indicate that in your email when making your bid on that/those particular item(s) of interest. Only emailed bids will be accepted.
  • All items will be available for pick up in the Ottawa area. If you cannot make arrangements to pick up item(s) they can shipped at your expense unless otherwise specified on the auction item as s/h being ‘donated’. We will ship worldwide!
  • FULL payment is required within 72 hours of being notified of being the winner of any bid item(s). Acceptable methods of payment include Cash, Email Transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or PayPal (account gwen@birchhaven.org) – 3% fee charge on total if sent via PayPal
  • Should you be in default of not honouring your bid(which really affects the animals the most), the next person with the highest bid shall be offered the item as the winner.
  • There are NO Returns or Exchanges and BHRR is not responsible for the condition of any item upon receipt to the winner(s).

About Taxes: You are not actually buying any items in this online auction. What you are doing is making a donation and then receiving the item in turn as a thank you. All taxes have been paid on the items you are bidding on.



Your kind and generous support goes to help BHRR’s Ava Marie – Pictures below are @ BHRR post-op from her surgery today.

BHRR’s Ava Marie – August 13th, 2010 – 2nd surgery – this time on left ACL – 6+ hours post-op


Item # Picture Description Opening Bid Current Bid High Bidder Name Click To Bid!
1 [singlepic=1548,160,120,,] 15 oz. Ceramic Large Mug featuring a photo of BHRR’s Porridge, the Great Dane. Large easy-grip handle. Measures 4.5″ tall, 3.25″ Diameter. Dishwasher and Microwave safe
Value: $23 US
$7 $10 Lynda C. Bid Button
2 [singlepic=1549,160,120,,] BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ Tote
* 100% cotton (14 oz.) canvas
* Dimensions: 12″ x 16″ x 5¾”
* Outside pocket with Velcro® closure
* Inside pocket with flap
Value: $30 US
$10 $20 James S. Bid Button
3 [singlepic=1150,160,120,,] Beautiful greeting cards of ‘SN’s’ Honourary Great Dane’ BHRR’s Potter will make a lasting impression and a touching keepsake. Package of 10 & Measures 5″ x 7″
Value: $30 US

$10 $10 Robin H. Bid Button
4 [singlepic=791,160,120,,] Beautiful greeting cards of ‘BHRR’s CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ will make a lasting impression and a touching keepsake. Package of 10 & Measures 5″ x 7″
Value: $30 US
$10 $15 Chelsea G. Bid Button
5 [singlepic=793,160,120,,] BHRR Note Cards – Sending a note card is the perfect way to express yourself anytime. Package of 10 cards Measures 4.25″ X 5.5″
Value $25 US
$10 Bid Button
6 [singlepic=1570,160,120,,] Toronto Maple Leafs “Stein” $5 $10 Joan N. Bid Button
7 [singlepic=1151,160,120,,] Louise Peterson “SHALL WE DANCE” 4.5″ Pewter Edition
Value: $60 US
$25 $120 Joan N. Bid Button
8 [singlepic=780,160,120,,] 100% cotton canvas color accent BHRR tote. Colored highlights on top and base. Zipper closure. Well constructed with double-stitched seams.Machine washable. 19″x15″x5.5″
Value $30 US
$10 $25 Lynda C. Bid Button
9 Portrait Monica C. Webster Custom Portrait Gift Certificate
Value $25
$10 $10 Chelsea G. Bid Button
10 [singlepic=1569,160,120,,] Matching Collar & Leash from Yellow Dog Design – Fits up to 26+” $10 $40 China G. Bid Button
11 [singlepic=1154,160,120,,] BHRR Logo Golf/Drool/Hand Towel & Bath Towel – Colour is actually a lovely Cream
Value $60
$15 $15 Barry C. Bid Button
12 [singlepic=795,160,120,,] 2KG Box of Mar-O Dog Treats $2 $10 Theresa P. Bid Button
13 [singlepic=1568,160,120,,] “Spoiled Cat Lives Here” Throw Pillow $5 $10 Luanne P. Bid Button
14 [singlepic=1567,160,120,,] Handmade Fleece Tug Ropes x 2 $12 $12 Diana D. Bid Button
15 [singlepic=1566,160,120,,] ‘Friends’ Photo Frame $5 $10 Candy B. Bid Button
16 [singlepic=1565,160,120,,] ‘Design Your Own Dog Collar’ –
Up to Large Size Dogs
$10 $10 Theresa P. Bid Button
17 [singlepic=1564,160,120,,] Painted China Collectors Plate $5 $10 Angélique M. Bid Button
18 24 PetWatch Microchip 24 PetWatch Microchip #1 for cat or dog Ottawa / Kingston / Kanata / Brockville / Kemptville Area ONLY
*Includes Registration
Value $75
$15 $20 M. Leung Bid Button
19 [singlepic=1563,160,120,,] Safety Preserver Vest for Your Dog
12-17 pounds; 12-14“
$5 $10 Theresa P. Bid Button
20 Training 5 hour Behavoural / Training Session with G. Boers (Certified/Qualified Trainer & Behavouralist + PhD Student). Ottawa / Kingston / Kanata / Orleans / Brockville / Kemptville Area ONLY
Value $350
$100 $100 Mark B. Bid Button
21 [singlepic=1562,160,120,,] Brand New Dog Coat –
Small dog
Value: $40
$10 $20 Joan N. Bid Button
22 [singlepic=1561,160,120,,] Portable Dog Treat/Water Pouch $5 $10 Angela S. Bid Button
23 [singlepic=1560,160,120,,] 2 x Pink Exfoliating Body Sponges $2 $2 Elaine B. Bid Button
24 [singlepic=1559,160,120,,] Health Balls $2 $5 Angélique M. Bid Button
25 [singlepic=1558,160,120,,] Aqua Bone – Can Add Water or Not $2 $12 Theresa P. Bid Button
26 [singlepic=809,160,120,,] A Polar Woodworking handcrafted hardwood wine crate. Holds 16 bottles upright for carrying or on it’s side as a wine rack.
Value $25
$10 $10 Jesse R. Bid Button
27 [singlepic=803,160,120,,] Louise Peterson Albany Business Great Dane Card Holder Pewter 3″ Long CROPPED
Value $60 US
$15 $55 Crystal F. Bid Button
28 [singlepic=1557,160,120,,] Chew ‘N Clean Dog Toy $2 $2 Angela S. Bid Button
29 [singlepic=1556,160,120,,] Pewter PawPrint Zipper Pull $2 $10 Jan B. Bid Button
30 [singlepic=1550,160,120,,] High Quality Porcelain handcrafted Harlequin & Mantle/Boston Great Dane Salt & Pepper Shakers 4.0×9.5×9.0 cm. Weight : 2 x 55-60 g
Value $55 US
$15 $45 Candy B. Bid Button
31 [singlepic=1555,160,120,,] Pewter “Bone” Zipper Pull $2 $20 Holly S. Bid Button
32 [singlepic=1554,160,120,,] Smoked 8″ Bones x 3
Value $15
$5 $5 Barry C. Bid Button
33 [singlepic=1553,160,120,,] Lindsay Claire Pewter Little Ballerina Girl Pin
Value $10
$2 $2 Elaine B. Bid Button
34 [singlepic=1552,160,120,,] Louise Peterson ‘SHALL WE DANCE’ notecards (5)
Value $8 US
$3 $3 James S. Bid Button
39 [singlepic=1551,160,120,,] Louise Peterson ‘HAVE A HEART’ Patinaed Bronze (Harlequin) heart shaped pendant was designed specially for the 2006 Great Dane National Specialty, the theme of which is “for the love of our breed”.
Value $140 US
$50 $90 Candy B. Bid Button
40 [singlepic=1177,160,120,,] 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Model Car
*Ages 3+ and up
$10 Bid Button
41 [singlepic=1179,160,120,,] Dragon Teapot from CHINA $30 $30 Jan B. Bid Button
42 [singlepic=1188,160,120,,] Photo Frame with Handmade BOB Ribbon and Harlequin Great Dane Head $10 Bid Button
43 [singlepic=1205,160,120,,] Handmade and Matching Apron, Toaster Oven Cover, Tea Cozy, Oven Mitts and Pot Holder $20 $20 Margaret G. Bid Button
44 [singlepic=1248,160,120,,] Black Newborn/Infant Handmade Booties $10 $10 Joan N. Bid Button
45 [singlepic=1246,160,120,,] Blue/Grey Newborn/Infant Handmade Sweater $10 Bid Button
46 [singlepic=1245,160,120,,] Blue/White Newborn/Infant Handmade Sweater $10 $20 Joan N. Bid Button
47 [singlepic=1244,160,120,,] Pink #1 with Buttons Newborn/Infant Handmade Sweater $10 $10 Angela S. Bid Button
48 [singlepic=1243,160,120,,] Pink #2 with Buttons Newborn/Infant Handmade Sweater $10 $10 Angela S. Bid Button
49 [singlepic=1242,160,120,,] Purple #1 Handmade Newborn/Infant Booties $10 Bid Button
50 [singlepic=1241,160,120,,] Purple #2 Handmade Newborn/Infant Booties $10 Bid Button
51 [singlepic=1240,160,120,,] Purple/White Handmade Newborn/Infant Handmade Sweater $10 $30 Angela S. Bid Button
52 [singlepic=1369,160,120,,] Lavish Longaberger Dog Cookie Ceramic Jar
Wooden Lid, Treats, Leash
Value: $80 USD
$20 $60 Angela S. Bid Button
53 [singlepic=1249,160,120,,] Handmade Knit Sweater – Sheep Size 8-10 $15 $15 Angela S. Bid Button
54 [singlepic=1250,160,120,,] Handmade Knit Sweater – Cow Size 4-6 $15 $25 Angela S. Bid Button
55 [singlepic=1571,160,120,,] 30 lb bag of ALS Canidae – Grain Free Formula
This formula contains no corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or other fillers
Value: $70+
$15 $45 Mila P. Bid Button
 56 [singlepic=1583,160,120,,] (Digital only) Colour Portrait CUSTOM Commission from Kim Buck
Value $45
$15 $40 Jan B. Bid Button
 57 Shaded Sketch Custom Commission One Shaded Sketch CUSTOM Creation of Your Pet by Kina and another Example
Kina Ink
Value $20
$7 $25 Scott P. Bid Button
58 [singlepic=1578,160,120,,] Beautiful Japanese Lacquer-ware Vase with gift box. A stunning burnt orange colour with a floral bamboo design. A wonderful piece of art. Size: 11″ tall X 3″ wide. This item is new in box.
Value $80
$20 $35 Finola P. Bid Button
59 [singlepic=1573,160,120,,] Beautiful bud vase 10″ high x 3.5 ” wide. Two loving Siamese cats adorned with colourful raised flowers. Fine porcelain marked “CR” on the bottom. This item is new in box.
Value $50
$15 $25 M. Loveless Bid Button
60 [singlepic=1579,160,120,,] Framed colourful cross-stitch for the garden and animal lover. Measures 15″ x 18.5″ Very good condition. $5 Bid Button
61 [singlepic=1575,160,120,,] 100% Czechoslovakian lead crystal decanter from Birks. Mint condition with stopper.
Value $150
$55 Bid Button
62 [singlepic=1574,160,120,,] Fine China Cream, Sugar and Tray Set. Made in West Germany (GDR)
Value $50
$15 $15 Jan B. Bid Button
63 [singlepic=1577,160,120,,] Glass footed candy dish. 4.5″ diameter by 3″ tall. This vintage candy dish is made to appear cracked but is in perfect condition with no chips. $5 Bid Button
64 [singlepic=1576,160,120,,] Pink depression era glass divided pickle plate. 6.5″ diameter $5 $10 Karen C. Bid Button
65 [singlepic=1580,160,120,,] ‘PROUDLY PART OF BHRR CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ Greeting Cards – A personal note on a beautiful card will make a lasting impression and a touching keepsake. Package of 10 cards Measures 4.25? X 5.5?
Value $25 US
$10 $10 M. Leung Bid Button
66 [singlepic=1585,160,120,,] Bottle of Red Wine
750 ml Homemade Red Wine – Premium
Argentinian Malbec
Value $22
$7 $7 David B. Bid Button
67 [singlepic=1584,160,120,,] Bottle of Red Wine
750 ml Homemade Red Wine – Premium
ustralian Cabernet Shiraz
Value $22
$7 $7 David B. Bid Button
68 [singlepic=1586,160,120,,]*example of a type of Polar Woodworking custom project
Polar Woodworking Custom Handcrafted Item for Home/Cottage/Work Project Gift Certificate
Value $500
$250 Bid Button
69 Edible Arrangements Gift Card Edible Arrangments Gift Card
967 Stores WorldWide

Value $25

$10 $20 Wendy B. Bid Button
70 A Pair(2) Tickets to BHRR’s 3rd Annual Boat Cruise/Dinner & Live/Silent Auction 2 Tickets to BHRR’s Upcoming 3rd Annual Boat Cruise/Dinner & Live/Silent Auction on October 2nd in Brockville, ON
Value $200
$75 $200 Sam I. Bid Button
71 [singlepic=1591,160,120,,] Made by Rusty-Dawg Pet Products. Treat Bag measures approximately 5″ x 5″ (size may vary slightly as each one is handmade). It is composed of three layers of material, including a water resistant liner on the inside (for those messier treats). It is made with a sturdy zipper for easy access to the treats, along with a strong snap-hook that is attached to the bag with webbing. These treat bags are great to use while out and about with your dogs! Different fabric options are available, so winner can choose a different fabric than shown in the photo. $5 $10 Gregory H. Bid Button
72 [singlepic=1592,160,120,,] BHRR’s Ava Marie’s Throw Pillow. Measures a 18″ X 18″ with an 11″ X 11″ image area. It’s made of ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. Removable zippered cover for easy laundering.
Value $30 US
*As this Auction is about Ava Marie; she needed her own items to auction off too!*
$10 $10 Wendy B. Bid Button
73 [singlepic=1593,160,120,,] BHRR’s Ava Marie’s Wire-O bound, 160 page journal measures 5″ x 8″, a handy on-the-go size. Back cover made of thin black flexible textured plastic, measures 16/1000″ thick. Front cover made of 12pt glossy paper, laminated for durability.
Value $20 US
*As this Auction is about Ava Marie; she needed her own items to auction off too!*
$5 $10 Jan B. Bid Button
74 [singlepic=1594,160,120,,] A DATE with BHRR’s Ava Marie!
A spectacular one of a kind mutually convenient arranged date to include pick up at winners home by Ava Marie, Lovely Stroll & Ready Made Picnic in Park, Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen, Trip with $50 for winner to spend @ Bark&Fitz and/or Wag Pet Shop in Ottawa
Home Location of Winner: Ottawa, Orleans, Kanata, Kemptville, Brockville or  Kingston area ONLY
Value: Priceless
$40 $100 Tasha V. Bid Button
75 La Senza Gift Card La Senza Gift Card
Value: $50
$20 $30 Karen C. Bid Button
76 . . . . . Bid Button
77 . . . . . Bid Button
78 . . . . . Bid Button
79 . . . . . Bid Button
80 . . . . . Bid Button