2010 BHRR Income/Expense Report

With BHRR having become a federally registered NPO, we were more limited in 2010 per CRA guidelines of how much 'personal' funding Sean plus I could contribute to BHRR.

2010 Expenses:

*This amount includes $1.00/month Facility Rent
*This amount includes $1.00/every 3 months Hydro payment

Car/Truck Vehicle Expenses: $3,816.82
Dog/Horse Food & Other Expenses: $11,187.00
Facility Maintenance Expenses – $1,799.88
Fundraising Expenses – $5,902.73
Legal Expenses – $295.55
Office Supplies – $628.09
Phone Expenses: $960.00
Professional Memberships – $35.05
Vet Bills – $20,518.37

Total Income to BHRR:

2010 Adoption/OS/Donations/Fundraising: $21,327.68

*The balance of $25,619.69 which includes all other expenses plus complete car, truck and phone were paid out of our own pockets.

Note: BHRR DOES NOT receive any government, provincial or corporate funding.