Today, BHRR approved its first adoption of 2023!

BHRR’s Bruce

It is also our 435th adoption since our inception in 1996!

Small and mighty, we remain!

Mr. Bruce, you really are a dream, Dane. Just a dream. I have had the absolute honour of not only being contacted to bring you into our rescue, yet getting to see you at Vet visits, visiting you when dropping off food, goodies, SS pressies, and even taking you to some Vet visits.

Then, we got to have an overnight together last night, and yup, the relationship that we have forged slowly over the past months was as strong as ever!

Then, tonight…your home visit… made me proud! Your progress – your SA was so heart-wrenching, your emaciation level equally so when you first arrived -, with your trust, that while you would check in with me regularly and had moments of being unsure, you were also willing to explore, munch on your delicious smoked dino bone, to drink, and be curious, demonstrated how far you have come. That you are genuinely ready for this next big step.

We cannot thank the shelter enough for reaching out to us to assist you; we cannot thank your emerge foster mama enough for safe harbouring you; we cannot thank your temp foster mama enough for taking excellent care of you, we cannot thank our expert Vet Team, our amazing supporters enough either for helping us that included the kind angel that bought you your own Wiggle bumz collar/leash to every person at the Tim’s drive-thru for the kind hands plus touches.

AND thank you to your forever-loving adoptive mama for going through our thorough adoption process to help ensure that you are the right Dane for them and vice versa!

Remember, dear boy; this is not a goodbye; this is a hello to a new wonderful human member being welcomed into the BHRR family clan! Your village shall forever surround you and your human

Mr. Bruce’s adoption fee will be used to help Miss Pentu – thank you again to Janie Wall for stepping up to be her awesome temp foster mama – who arrives this Sunday! She is heading to the Vet on the 27th, and we know that her own vet bills shall be vast as we deal with her skin issues.

As we continue to struggle with finances to keep BHRR afloat, Miss Pentu is our first save of 2023. She is the next in need of us!

The BHRR CHAIN of SUCCESS continues strong as we slowly transition over the next ~9 years!