Finally! TWO new pics of Lil Linus now posted Slides #61 & #62. LOOK at that gorgeous head on this boy! The lip and those facial expressions! He is a stunner! He is doing wonderfully and his appointment for his feet should be this Friday, if I do not bring in a Client’s Dane that night for training. Like most of the other animals, I would really like to get a current weight on him too. He is so wonderfully proportioned and just a happy boy! He still becomes so excited when it comes to eating that he will make these really desperate sounds of ‘don’t forget me’….’I’m over here’…….Food will always be this boy’s vice and talk about impreccable obedience when treats are involved. Definitely the way to this man’s heart that is for sure! His best buds right now are Bronson, Hamilton The Newf, Shiva and not as much yet still there Porridge. Porridge seems to have shifted to the ‘new’ blue in our home, Tain. He does get rockin’ with Shiva and Abbi at times yet not to the extent he does with the others. He and PPSS have been known to start some ‘midnight’ rumbles in the house too; almost scaring the stuffing out of us as we wake up with a start. :mrgreen: We have very specific requirements for his future home; Great Dane experience, SN’s experience, someone that works from home or works part-time; a home that has at least one other dog and is comparable in age/energy level and size. We continue to wait and see if that right matched home will come along for BHRR’s Lil Linus. He most certainly has wheedled his way into my affections, that is for sure and being SN’s is very dear to my own heart. Yet, he no longer needs us and it is time to allow him to spread his wings and be ‘man’ of his own home. I know that I am going to shed my share of tears when this boy is adopted. That I freely admit. BHRR’s Lil Linus is full of very special gifts and lessons and the home that he shall go to will be blessed in having him. I have learnt much from Linus as I have with BHRR’s Little Tyke and I am very thankful to them for that. Those two could very easily be brothers in how similar yet different they are as individuals.