Porridge has recovered well from his neuter and is just getting taller every day. I always knew that he would be tall and he is most certainly fulfulling that prophecy! LOL He is now in full swing into the first ‘idiot’ stage as I call it and the sweet ‘Papaya Boy’ has turned into the selective hearing, devil child at times! 😛 At last measurement he was 34″ and I know he is taller now and counters have become a great new source of exploratory discovery of delights! What a ham! When he was neutered he was just over 103 pounds and I really would like to get a new weight on him. He and our new ‘little blue’ Tain(14 weeks today) are the best of chums and where one is found to be chomping on a shoe the other can be found chomping on another shoe right beside him. Porridge will even bring a shoe for Tain and go back for another one for himself and then plunk himself down to chew right beside him. Incredible! LOL Major NILIF going on in this house that is for sure! Gwennie’s Doggie Boot Camp is in full force with these two. Surprisingly enough, Lil Linus who is not much older; has been a ‘model’ citizen in his own ‘idiot’ phase; in comparison. AREN’T puppies fun!!!! 😉