Not even 10:00 AM and I know it is going to be a great day!

Major break through in the treat department with four of the FREEDOM Danes and also BHRR's Atlas!!!

Adele is now actually taking treats from my hand and eating them. With the amazing 'heart biscuits' that Anna made and were donated; Adele is understanding what treats are!!! This is huge!
Freedom is now eating the 'Journey Heart Biscuits' in his crate; he is not yet brave enough to take them from my hand but getting there!
Gretta is now also taking the 'Journey Heart Biscuits' from my hand
Atlas – who has learnt a bit about treats since his arrival but was rare for him to like any one kind; gets very excited over the 'Journey Heart Biscuits'

AND last but not least; Peanut will now follow me around looking for the 'Journey Heart Biscuits'.

For those who know these dogs; this is a huge breakthrough! Time, patience and the right treatie made with extra love; is rehabbing these dogs from their own lives of hell.
NONE of them knew what a kind touch or loving word or what treats and good food were BUT they are learning! The only experience they knew were that hands were for pain and hitting and smacking and rejection and cruelty. NOT any more!!! NEVER again my sweeties shall a hand be raised in anything but care and love.

'Tis a good day indeed! 🙂

From Anna – 1257 dozen 'BHRR Journey Heart Biscuits' now ordered. Most humble of thanks being sent to everyone plus Anna…Thank you!!

Her  e-mail or you can call her at 613 993 2738. Up to 1,002 dozen orders taken to date!!! Anna also has a Hypo recipe for those that have sensitive tummy doggies!

A post made by Anna Gray-Henschel on the BHRR FB Fan Page:

"To raise funds for BHRR's Journey, I am baking smokey bacon with cheddar heart shaped dog biscuits at $3/dz. Happy to deliver them in the Ottawa area or bring them to BHHR's open house for those attending. I will also ship them at no charge within Canada. Please let me know before the end of this month so that you'll have them in time for Valentine's Day. Made with love, bought with love and every penny sent to BHRR with love to Journey."