For the many that are not familiar with these two GD's. When they were first seized, we had to carry them in and out of their runs at the ES(Emergency Shelter). They were that traumatized and terrorized and berefit of human contact, a loving touch and kind word. 🙁 They also then had to be treated for thrush, which delayed them getting to BHRR from when we were first asked to bring them in. AND they had their first heats not long after arrival to the ES. THIS seizure saved them, for; if they had not been rescued; they would have been bred and bred and bred like Adele and so many others. 🙁

Gretta, like Freedom is terrified of fans. AND both will drop to the ground and cower, if you carry anything that they could feel might hurt them. EVEN food or water bowls. 🙁

Gretta, like Freedom and Adele can often be found standing on her hind legs, over the one door and will stay that way; if you let her; until she reaches a point of exhaustion and then will rest or sleep in that position. This has been a common thing learnt amongst many of those with the PRU FREEDOM DOGS as they tried to keep themselves out of the filth that was their prison. 🙁

Here is a post that I made on November 27th, 2011 on our BHRR FB FAN PAGE re: this two littermates. We believe that they are the daughters of Adele; who is the daughter of RIP BHRR's Albert.

"They have a much longer journey to travel than Cobalt does with their rehab and neither are comfortable with lots of people around. They have their own mischievous side and like to 'tag' on Adele, the wee monkeys!
Peanut is the more outgoing one and Gretta relies heavily on her so they need their time together plus time apart and time with other already well adjusted canines. This has deeply aided their progress. They need to learn to be strong where they are weak and not depend on each other to make up for those 'weak' areas. BOTH are survivors of hell personified and each day is baby steps.
Both are at ideal weights now. Peanut is better eating her food when we are around; Gretta much prefers to eat when things are more quiet but tonight FOR first time, she ate all of her food with me sitting near her crate.
Gretta will take treats from my hand; Peanut prefers it to be placed in her crate.
Gretta is more nervous and things on top of her crate ie a blanket for more 'den' like feeling does not make her comfortable and fans terrify her.
Peanut will drink out of our communal water bowls in the house; Gretta still prefers her water in her crate.
Both will come out of their crates on their own now. They did not do that when they first arrived many weeks ago. You had to hook on the leash, be patient and calm yet quietly confident and reassuring.
BOTH love exploring the fenced in yard. Peanut will come back in on her own, the doorway terrifes Gretta.
Peanut has now started coming to me for touching and affection, submissive yet on her own accord and Gretta is more flighty still.
The TV makes both a bit worried.
Gretta understands what to do with a nice smoked Dino bone and will chew it comfortably in her crate, yet Peanut has no clue.
When they first arrived, both were in a HUGE collosal crate together and then I gradually moved them to they were in side by side crates and then from there across from each other and just this past week, Gretta's crate is still in the sunroom and Peanut's is in the main area.
I could go on and on….so much I have learnt about them and they have taught me and both of them when they are ready; and that is a long ways off yet; shall be true treasures to a homes that will understand 'them' and know that they are not the dogs that one just takes some obedience classes, give them some love, soft beds and they are 'poof' ….miraculous over hte night bomb proof dogs. These two have been terribly wronged and in having taken in Danes from this place in the past, their sire to boot; and they are as traumatized as he was. 🙁