Last night; Sean and Mason assisted me so that I could remove the sutures that Gretta had from her spay and then the staples(14) her littermate Peanut had. Both incisions look good; some minor irritation and just one area that we will continue to monitor as there is some mild reaction going on underneath.

BHRR's Gretta was so terrified and did urinate some plus released some of her anal glands. 🙁 BHRR's Peanut was more 'shutdown' and just layed there and for both, I felt so bad. I was a bit surprised that both did not receive dissolvable like Adele and the boys' yet each Vet has their preference and both girls had very gentle loving and reassurances done.

FREEDOM DANES – Peanut(front) & Gretta(back) – November 6th, 2011 – shortly after arrival to BHRR


BHRR 'FREEDOM DOGS' – Their Dream to Reality To A Better Future' Cause

IF anyone wishes to donate to the BHRR 'FREEDOM DOGS' – Their Dream To Reality To A Better Future' Cause, you can donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:

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Monies raised from our recent online auction will go to BHRR's Atlas, BHRR's Veteran, some in 'trust' for BHRR's Bloom and the rest to the BHRR 'FREEDOM DOGS' yet with several to vet, any additional sponsorship sent their way to assist; would be as always soooooo appreciated!


Maggie – For BHRR's Adele