While I was aware of BHRR's Barbie's intake story; actually seeing it written down by another; made me just stop everything and run out and hug BHRR's Barbie and whisper in her ear that NO ONE shall ever ever ever harm her EVER EVER again!

SHAME on them!!! 🙁

Below are two photos that I took of Sean and BHRR's Barbie upon my arrival home on Sunday with her(THIS was my first transport on my own since before my major surgery on November 4th!). Sean had just arrived home a few moments earlier from curling with the kids and I had to snap some shots of them together with Sean in his festive hat and all! 😉

ISN'T she just stunning! Those eyes(YUP! Another 'eye' dog!) and her beauty and personality!

She has already been integrated well with many of the animals here yet I know that she is going to have zero tolerance for anyone that wants to try and be a 'goob/boob' head! 😀 GOOD for you BHRR's Barbie! I love dogs that will help teach other dogs about manners and respect and being a model asset to home and community.

She is eating well, drinking well and will go outside as long as you go just to the corner of the opening to the almsot 2.5 acres we have fenced in for the dogs. Then, she is comfortable having a bit of a walk about on her own and will come back on her own.

I think I am fast falling more madly in love with the Great Pyr Breed! 😀

BHRR's Barbie & Sean – Day of arrival to BHRR – December 18th, 2011 – WE DID IT! SHE is here for XMAS! 🙂