I had the pleasure of seeing BHRR's Lily Belle last week on September 1st! Thanks to her temp foster mom in bringing her by the Hospital as I had to give her BHRR's Lily Belle's September HW preventative and also more food.

We weighed her when she arrived and she was 61.3 KGs(134.86 pounds). SHE has filled out so much as she matures and is losing that 'puppy' look.

The one comment that I want to make is how impressed I was for both the Saint owned by BHRR's Lily Belle's temp foster mom and BHRR's Lily Belle were very well mannered and layed down quietly in the waiting room. In dividing up my time between both the front and back that night;  I was able to witness first hand how amazingly behaved both were! Now, BHRR's Lily Belle was not so keen to share her weight and her Saint pal was more than eager to stay on the scale yet other than that, she was a model citizen. 🙂

BHRR's Lily Belle plunked her butt right down on one of the seats beside Clients waiting for their own appointment and wanted to befriend every cat, dog and person she met! LOL BHRR's Lily Belle is great with cats and still lives with one at her temp foster home. She is such a social creature!!!

BHRR's Lily Belle sure does like to drink out of toilets and nice to note that she still LOVES to share her drool with all around her!!! cheeky

The photo below is of BHRR's Lily Belle enjoying the 'freedom' of being allowed on her temp foster home's couch! I am loving that look she is giving out of the corner of her eye. 😀

BHRR's Lily Belle – August 2011
*Photo courtesy of H. Surman