BHRR's Windsor has become one of my top 'training' partners when it comes to working with many of my Behavoural/Training Clients. He is that perfect combination of laid back, mellow and accommodating personality traits to bring to these sessions. His so calm and accepting and does not demonstrate any threatening or dominating behavours.

This is a boy that many said could/would never learn and would not live for very long and look at him now!!!!

His next outing with me to assist with a Client session shall be September 22nd and I am excited about how much he is going to assist in modifying this other dog's behavour and settling that dog down. BHRR's Windsor has many gifts to share with others both animal and human and I have taken much pleasure in being the recipient of some of his gifts since he first came to BHRR. BHRR's Windsor has a very wonderful effect on other dogs and people!

I need to take new photos of him soon.