SO much to update for so many of the dogs here! Lil Linus came with me to work last night instead of Saturday(I had to bring Bronson back in)and he now weighs 32.60 KGs(71.72 pounds). He came with me with LT and he layed right on LT’s back on the way in and then while they were in the large run they were both in! LT just loved the snuggling! LOL He is SO much better in travelling yet is still not comfortable with his own company outside of our house and everytime, I took LT out sans him or when I swapped LT with Bronson(Sean brought Bronson in later so that we could do a recheck on him); he was a wee bit upset. He did settle down after a short period of time and that is PROGRESS! He was SOOOOOOOO much more social and what a dream he was in handling for his shots, exam etc. The Vet noticed a HUGE difference in how he was behaving and also in how much weight plus muscle he has put on. He impressed everyone with his recall, sit and name signs and layed very still on his side munching treaties while the Vet rechecked his hips. He was not happy about having his left front leg and joints manipulated(he has had some limping off and on; yet he is an active boy and could have been stepped on by one of the other dogs or even tripped on his big ol’ hoofs; yet I wanted to have it checked). His hind end was better yet the Vet said that with so much muscle and weight on him, it is harder to get a good manipulation on him. We will X-Ray when he is neutered if necessary. He received his final vaccines and was microchipped and throughout it all; he remained most interested in the liver treat I was holding. THE big success came when Bronson took his chewie away and when he tried to take it back; Bronson was a bit of a goober and Lil Linus just came over to me, sat down and looked at me with his big eyes! WOOHHOOOOO! No resourcing, getting upset etc. OF course, I took the chewie away from Bronson and gave it back to Lil Linus BUT WOOHOOOOOOO! I am very proud of him! He still has his ‘moment’s’, yet they are getting fewer and farther between and he will sit and share a large spatula of PB with the other dogs now without a blink of his eyes. He also has not had an accident in the house in quite some time. The Vet Hospital is another story for he just is not confident outside of home and won’t pee in a strange place(so any place other than home for him at this time), no matter how often you take him out AND even with Bronson plus LT there with him doing their ‘thing’. So, needless to say; after 8+ hours of being at the Hospital hanging out; he had two pee accidents and only in his pen. So, I am feeling still good about it all. On the way home, he climbed or rather crammed himself up on my back dashboard and hung out watching the world(as much as he can see it in the dark LOL) on our way home. He also was much better at meeting strange dogs; still unsure and nervous that they might hurt him but much better. That is going to be a thing that we will continue to focus strongly on; outside the home dogs for him. While he is mingling with all 16 other dogs here; he NEEDS a lot more work with ‘stranger’ dogs. I still have those pictures to post and hopefully, the week will be a better week here and give myself more time to post them up. Sean also has been very busy and promises to get back to helping me continue to move over information from our old site. The last thing I shall add on this update is how AWESOME Lil Linus was at our latest Mini-Open House on Sunday April 20th. It was one of our larger mini-open houses(we generally like to keep them to about 12 people) with 16 people and Lil Linus did amazing with all. 😀