I wish to thank everyone sincerely from our hearts that have been contacting us via emails very recently in respect to Mazda and that they would be open to maybe taking her into their homes. I say this in the nicest way possible that Mazda is not desperate for a home and we won’t be settling on a home just to try and place her by the end of the month. That is not what BHRR is all about nor the vision of what I had when I founded BHRR in 1996 for the animals in need of our assistance. Sean and I are aware that each and everytime that we bring an animal into our program that we accept full responsibility for their wellbeing for the rest of their lives be they become adopted or not. We understand that any animal might not be adopted and if that is the case; then they remain as beloved spoiled members of either our home or in some cases; as perma-fosters in those homes they were being temp fostered in. Our progam is a Haven for a reason and while we remain just stunned that Mazda has not been adopted; we are not devastated or feeling resigned that she is ‘stuck’ here with us. While we wish that her forever loving home could come along; should it not happen, we are ok with that as well. We adore her, she is settled in here(QUITE well! LOL) and for those that are seeking to adopt her out of pity or are sorry for her; while we thank you; those are not the ‘right’ reasons for her to be adopted. She should be adopted to the right matched home for the right reasons and if this does not happen; all can be assured that she is not going to be at risk of being pts etc. THAT is not what BHRR is all about. Each and everytime an animal crosses our doors; there is that chance that they shall never be adopted; be it medical, behavoural and in this situation(the first in over 12 years of operating and it was bound to happen at one time or another) just because her right home has not come along. Have we set the bar up even higher since her failed adoptions(which I want to reiterate YET again THAT this is through no fault of her own); no, we have not. I would not hold back her adoption to the ‘right’ matched home due to those that failed her in the past. For those that come to our mini-open houses every month; they can truly attest to just what a wonderful gal she is and with each day that passes; we just become more comfortable that her destiny and ours might be meant to be. She will be moved under our BHRR Haven Dogs and people can continue to follow her antics and have the option to donate to her care. 😀 Sean and I are under current and very serious conversation in regards to whether we should be extending her adoption availability as spring/summer have higher adoption rates. If we do extend this; it won’t be for very long; perhaps June 1st. Will update when we make a decision.  We just do not wish to keep things in limbo for Mazda for much longer of which I am sure many can appreciate that position.