Deanna D (Iroquois Falls, soon to be KINGSTON!, Ontario)

Great big HUGE congratulations on your new website!! It’s fantastic. Well done!

Please give my best wishes to Sean & the kids.

Oh, and I hope that you’re able to recover from the snow-damage this past winter. Wasn’t that a winter-and-then-some??!! It’s incredible. It was no different up north, and in fact we got another HUMUNGOUS dump of snow a week ago, and they are calling for 15-20 cm more today (but so far, it’s just raining). You have my FULL sympathy for all the damage it did to your horse shed & fencing — my back yard is a disaster area at the moment (but fortunately, the fence is still standing)!!!

Anyway, just wanted to sign your guestbook and say WOW and CONGRATS on the excellent new website & look! Keep up the fantastic work that you do!!

(Oh, and Dodger & Miss Gracie say a BIG woofy, happy HELLO to BHRR, too!!! *g*)