Looks like two more doggies had quite the New Years Eve!

BHRR’s Sleet(one of the 3 BHRR blind/deaf mice) and our Salt!

They are actually fast asleep and the only thing holding up each others head is each other…that does not look comfortable!

Sleet is deaf/blind – she had to also have a bilateral eye eneucleation. She turned 2 in October.

Salt is deaf and where once he was visually impaired, he is now also blind. He will turn a miraculous 6 years old in April.

Many special needs Danes do not make it to see much past their 3rd birthday.

Sean/I promised each other that should we be urgently needed as we transition BHRR to fully close over the next ~7-9 years, for the Danes/Giants/Honourary Giants like them; that we will continue stepping up as we can as the additional exception.

We also remain here as always for our adoptive homes for the life of our dogs and to honour all of our commitments made to the homes that asked us to step up and take care of their dog(s); should something happen to them.

There is no other special needs Dane/Giant Breed Rescue in Canada and we know of only two in the USA at this time – one being highly disreputable. We have close to 30 years working with, rescuing, saving, rehabilitating, owning plus training etc. these incredible animals. Most of our own special needs Danes are now registered Therapy dogs.

2020 saw us assist 16 amazing dogs…..quality over quantity, always.