BHRR’s Symba!
Today, we are off for his 2 week post-op TPLO surgery check up and to get his staples out!
This is his face in the car as we are waiting for our apt! 
He is NOT happy to be taken away from the warmth of the fire places and especially his Jumbo Mr. Bear Stuffie!
In 6 weeks time, he will be back for his post-op x-rays and from there we shall know when we can do his right leg – per his ortho specialist Dr. Philibert, he actually has two blown cruciates, not one from what we were told he had prior to coming into rescue. Poor boy…
Yet, it is all about looking forward and taking it one step at a time! He will get everything he needs plus more with us.
He is such a delight and we remain eternally grateful to all that donated to his first TPLO surgery….
We are now working on saving up for his second surgery.
We are also taking it one day at a time fighting to keep our doors open….we have so many to thank that have been standing strong by our sides as we fight this good battle to do so.