BHRR’s Coupe!
Enjoying his own ‘feel good’ drugs!
He is doing very well post op from his diagnosis of bilateral elbow ununited anconeal process with secondary osteoarthritis and then Dr. Philibert did arthroscopy of both elbows and removal of the anconeus processes.
Those shaved legs on him make him look positively adorable! 
He will be back in two weeks for his recheck and staple removal.
I have just added another 12 WOW Items to our 13th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction!
From Bombay items, hair clippers, pet playpen, an Arbonne item to pawprnt garden/path stones, a year supply of custom handmade soap and SO much more have been added just now! ?
We now have 100 incredible items up for grabs! 
We have handmade dog collars, BBQ items, kitchen goodies, shower item, a gift basket, handmade wallet, pendant, exercise equipment, jams/salsa, chocolate, cinnamon buns, king duvet, 2 & 3 plys face masks, a photography session, a custom stitch portrait, Starbucks, Tupperware, a wallet, a special one-on-one date with BHRR’s Symba, homemade fudge, jewellery, nail trims, Pampered Chef items, Tupperware items, COVID-19 Boxes/Pail, Doggy Treats/Toy Tote, a George Foreman item and a LOT more!
Items will be added daily and if you have anything that you may like to donated; please do email
**This is our last Fundraiser of 2020 and COVID-19 has greatly impacted our fundraising efforts for 2020 and we are at a very REAL serious risk of having to permanently close our doors.***
We have been in operation since 1996 and are the local Great Dane/Giant Breed rescue whose strong focus are the special needs.
*The BHRR Auction will start NOW and shall end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 3rd, 2020.