BHRR’s Coupe’s Invoice

As we continue to believe in full accountability and transparency, here is Mr. Coupe’s invoice from his ortho surgeries today at Liston Animal Hospital.

Per Dr. Philibert, his ortho specialist:

“His diagnosis was bilateral elbow ununited anconeal process with secondary osteoarthritis. Dr. Philibert did arthroscopy of both elbows and removal of the anconeus processes.”

They removed golf ball size bone fragments and chips from both elbows. POOR dude.

He is going to feel so much better.

I am now hunkered down for overnight duty with my newest patient, Mr. Coupe and will post an update tomorrow…

He will be in for a recheck and staple removal in 2 weeks time and come January, he will have his annual and in 8 weeks time from today, if all goes well; he will have his own special announcement to make!

The rehabilitation journey has been long and he has needed two major surgeries since he arrived; treated for HW, has two bullets inside of him that the specialists say is best left alone AND through it all he has been the nicest, sweetest amazing boy!

We also did his nails and had his ears cleaned while he was in surgery.

Unfortunately, no surgical pictures this time around! Meant to ask!!!