**Donated To Date: $175**

BHRR’s Symba!

3:30 AM and I look beside me as I working on my computer and this is the scene that greets me. ??

Almost 135 pounds cuddled up with a giant sized elephant stuffie. ?

No matter how old or young, giant stuffies are enjoyed by the dogs – they provide comfort and security and are snuggly soft.

This boy only had a torn blanket sent along with him when he arrived to rescue.

This is the Bull Mastiff that had been scheduled to be put to sleep and a rescue worked with the Owner to see if another group could take him in. We are forever grateful to this rescue for they saved a magnificent dog!!

He was back to work with me on the Monday as with everything he had done on Sunday, he still needed his vaccines.

He seems to love BHRR’s Walter’s ortho bed that had been bought for Mr. Walter so we are going to work on trying to find that bed for Mr. Symba too!

He is settling in so wonderfully and everyone who has met him to date cannot say enough about how awesome of a boy he is! 

I am now getting some good welcome tail wags from him and he is such a solid handsome boy.

His x-rays were reviewed by one ortho specialist who felt that BHRR’s Symba’s should have a TPLO procedure over an ex-capsular surgery for his blown cruciate. This was determined to be the best approach due to him being a Giant Breed Dog. The ortho specialist also felt that they were not the ideal surgeon for him and so the x-rays have now been sent over to another ortho surgeon.

With how busy we are at my own work, I cannot get him in there anytime soon and this boy has had this blown cruciate since the spring.

So, we are now waiting patiently, knowing how busy everyone is; to see what Dr. Philibert may have available.

We have been given one estimate of $3,800+ for this surgery and we are looking deep into our couch cushions for spare change, we keep collecting Empties, we have two more Drive-way nail trim events and our Dine with the Doggies Fundraiser.

His bills to date are just under $1,000 and any donations to his care would be beyond appreciated and can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com
*we just need to know the password

Thank you in advance for the consideration!