BHRR’s Symba

He weighed 61.70 kgs(135.74 pounds).

We sedated him at work today so that he could have a thorough exam on his hips and knees.

We did x-rays on hips and knees and it has been confirmed that he does have a blown cruciate in his back right leg. His hips look ok, so good news there!

We did pre-op bloodwork including testing for heartworm plus tick borne diseases and the results were all normal.

We did ear cytology’s as his ears were yucky and we cleaned them plus put in ear meds as he has infections.

We did a big nail trim on him too as his nails were very overgrown.

He also had a cartrophen injection. He will be on Gabapentin and Deramaxx for pain and inflammation.

He will begin flea/tick & heartworm meds plus be de-wormed.

AND this dog has an incredible temperament!! Just outstanding!

X-rays & bloodwork will be sent off to his ortho specialist and we will schedule his TPLO surgery ASAP

He is the Bull Mastiff that was scheduled to be euthanised by his owner and a group stepped in and asked for time so that another group could be found to help him.

This boy is absolutely heaven and we feel so privileged to help and he will need the BHRR village to surrround him with support as he has a long surgery and rehab journey ahead of him…

He also needs a XL Costco dog bed to call his very own if anyone may help….

Donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*please let us know the password!*

Thank you in advance from our hearts for any consideration to his care….