BHRR’s Mollie is scheduled for her annual on September 10th. On July 6th we did a repeat of her QC6 – noted in her blog post for that date – per the recommendation of her Vet team to do every 6 months and the results indicated that she did not require any further treatment for Lymes at that time! YAY!

We will do a repeat Heartworm test as though we are ok if they are done every second year; yearly for BHRR’s Mollie would make us more comfortable. This 4DX test also does test for the three most common tickborne diseases and we already know that the results for Lymes will be positive based upon her history which is why every 6 months she requires the Q6C small blood test that is sent to the lab for analysis. 

She will be due for vaccines at this time also and we will ensure that they are done as BHRR does not scrimp out on whatever our dogs are due for or need. We took care of her vaccines when she first arrived and it is now time to get her annual done.

For that right matched personality fit home; a copy of her Vet Records will be passed along so that their Vet Team can be in the loop of what she has had and what she shall require moving forward.

She will remain on tick preventative year round too and we will require her right matched personality fit adoptive home to do this.

BHRR’s Mollie is scheduled for her next professional groom session on September 10th. Regular professional grooming(we are doing every 8-9 weeks) will be required by her right matched personality fit adoptive home. If you cannot afford her grooming, she is not the right dog to consider for your home.

These will be additional clauses in her adoption contract and will be legally binding. If not adhered too; we shall step in and take Miss Mollie back. Proof of the blood-work and professional grooming shall be required to be sent our way for no less than 2 years to demonstrate proper due diligence to her well being.

Should you not want to abide by these clauses; then please do not submit a completed adoption application to members of the BHRR BOD to consider. We take our adoption contracts seriously and so should you.

AND to post yet again, she is a GIANT breed canine. Saint Bernard/Standard PoodleX. She is not a single bred dog, she is a mix, a giant breed mix. Lovely and beautiful!