BHRR’s Walter!

ISO: of someone who may be open to donating some time to assist in taking some professional photo’s in preparation for him to make his own special announcement BECAUSE…..

He has his latest recheck today!

His weight is hanging close to 150 pounds and he is loking fabu! He will remain on the prednisone, was given new eye medication – Torbradex and must stay on his fish based food for life.

Thumbs up to his healing new eyes and skin!

Everyone at work has made so many wonderful comments re: how far he has come since he first arrived to us!

How much more confident, social – tail wagging and seeking affection and did not hesitate to love on everyone!

So many amazing comments on the muscle mass and toning that we are getting on his hind end.

He also got to briefly see/visit with BHRR’s Olive who was having her own surgery today.

He has had such an amazing rehabilitation journey both physically and behaviourally and I am head over heels in love with this amazing character!!!

He has a mind all of his own, he has learned a lot re: compromising vs we are going to discuss this and in the end, we are still going to do what Gwennie is asking and he speaks volumes without even saying a word! 

I am bursting with so much pride YET again over his incredible journey to health and am so excited for him to make his own special announcement!

If you are a professional photographer and may be willing to donate some time to help capture this gorgeous dude in all of his handsome glory, please do advise –