Well, as word seems to be travelling fast, here is the news we promised re: BHRR’s Olive and the interesting/surprising findings today!

As most are now aware, today, she had her hips/knees x-rayed and I have already emailed them to Dr. Philbert!, she had her bilateral entropion surgery, her Lymes booster, a much needed manicure/pedicure AND…..

She was to have her spay today and it should have been a mature one being that she is almost 18 months of age.

Turns out, Miss Olive was only a Miss with her Vulva AS ‘she’ did not have an uterus/ovaries, instead had two small un-descended testicles and a penis was found inside of the vulva.

I have seen this in cats, yet, never in a dog in my almost 25 years in Rescue and over 16 years working in Veterinary medicine. That this is a Giant Breed dog makes it that much more of a rare find.

This explains some of her ongoing urinary issues which the surgeon said that the penis should shrink a lot over time.

So, much to think about including names….

It was another very busy and expensive day for BHRR’s Olive with procedures and we would remain forever humbled and indebted to anyone that would consider making a much needed donation to her ever mounting bills.

Donations can be made direct to her account at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic

OR PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR email transfer to contacthbrr@gmail.com

She still has a very long road to go…that right hip in particular – x-rays to be posted is bad…it is right out of the socket. 

A bit more information for everyone….
Only 25% of these rare cases are true hermaphrodite and BHRR’s Olive does not fall under this specific category. ?
Without extensive testing we do not know if BHRR’s Olive is under the Male Pseudohermaphrodite category or falls under the unclassified category instead.
Though, we do not believe that BHRR’s Olive falls under the unclassified category as their appearance is very much as a Saint would look!
This is exrtemely rare, especially in a Giant Breed dog.