Today is a big day for BHRR’s Olive!

Will be posting more shortly – including some graphic photo’s as there were some interesting and surprise findings!  I have been doing this for almost 25 years and I thought at first staff were joking when I was told of their findings…yet, I also have pictures for documentation!

Oliver was scheduled for a spay today and was to be a mature spay at that plus a Lymes booster.

A great manicure/pedicure was done too!

Additionally, will post more including the x-rays of the hips. Both are really bad, however, that right one is completely out of the socket, poor thing. Olive’s cruciate exam did not alarm her surgeon at this time.

Will be sending the x-rays to Dr. Philibert for his expert positioning and then we will go from there.

In this picture, Olive is getting new eyes! Olive is having bilateral entropion surgery also done today.

She was a huge hit with the staff.

When she goes home later tonight she will be given a refill of her Deramaxx that we have her on since her arrival June 1st, will be adding Gabapentin and also antibiotics to her medication regime.

We are continuing to brainstorm for Fundraising ideas as despite all we have done to date, we have even more to do for Olive. SO much more!

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