My last post of my night!

I have a very rare thing happening and that is two days off in a row from work at the Hospital and am going to enjoy every minute tonight with family!

Here are the three blind/deaf mice ‘telling’ me earlier that it was time for dinner! I tried putting an xpen around my desk to attempt to get a little bit more work done, yet, their internal clocks said ‘NOPE, it was dinner time’ and so, it was! 

Hard to believe that they are almost 1 year of age!

You can see Summit’s one eye and sadly, it too shall have to be enucleated. Though, he also had no sight in the eye, it was not bothering him the way his other one was or for his siblings when they were wee.

Now, sadly, he has developed a cherry eye and he is also battling his own level of chronic pain and infection.

We had hoped(his specialist and I) that it could be saved yet, it, too shall have to be removed.

The three of them are thriving otherwise and we still may have to remove teeth yet, to date they mouths/jaws are developing overall quite well.

To those that felt that they did not deserve a great quality filled life, I still say ‘shame on you.’. To those that have met them and even at our annual DINE WITH THE DOGGIES EVENT, they were perfectly behaved, our guests saw how much that they are living their best lives each and every day.

They go out with all the dogs, they can maneuver in the 3+ acre fenced in yard independently due to all of their set up for success scent training and they are treated no differently than any of the other really deserving amazing dogs here!

I have said this many times over, they are normal to them and to us…as, they know life in no other way!

They are healthy, strong – BHRR’s Sleet is not as hardy as her brothers YET, never tell her that! She keeps Summit in line, they are happy, they are smart, they are affectionate, loving, gentle – well, most of the time, they stand their ground and are not light weights in allowing anyone to push them around and this is because we have been bringing them up that there is nothing that they cannot do, that they are not different, that they are not to be babied, that we do not feel sorry for them, we taught them that they are important and deserving and that they are deeply loved! They are so much more confident plus comfortable in their own skin now.

They are not perfect…far from it…they have behavioural quirks and traits and we have to be careful re: over-stimulation, especially for BHRR’s Sleet yet, she ROCKED over 40 guests at our house at the end of September without hesitation.

We will see in time what other health issues they may develop as that is the nature of the beast with these special needs Danes. The closer they will get to age three the more the genetic markers of behavioural and medical issues shall really emerge.

They are a lifetime of deep commitment and dedication and we will give that to them!

AND If you know of a special needs Great Dane that needs rescue assistance, please do reach out to us! This is our mandate! Why we exist.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good night wishes are being sent and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!