In several hours time, I shall be on the road to pick up this handsome blue GD, BHRR’s Fred. ~3 years of age.
His background story for those that may not remember:
A blue male GD that was rescued earlier this year from a northern Ontario First Nation’s community
He was adopted out, ~5 weeks post rescue by that rescue group – to the home that was fostering for them.
A few weeks ago, he snapped at their adult daughter – that lives with them – who was on the couch with him – did not puncture or break skin, yet, caused bruising plus swelling.
They do not wish to keep him any longer and are nervous of him.
The rescue has reached out to us asking if we can assist.
His options are limited…..
He is ~120 pounds, good with people and dogs and cats and clearly needs to learn some manners plus boundaries. High value items like couches are something to be earned. They are not a right.
We shall work to figure out how best we can assist him moving forward. We do know that he had been taken to the Vet after the snap/connection and no ear infection had been discovered.
We will review the vetting paperwork also to determine if a T4 and an Accuplex(4DX) had been done to rule out anything underlying medically and shall also focus on his behaviour, genetic temperament etc. too.
Looking forward to your arrival!
I am off to bed shortly myself for a wee nap and I will post more after I have him.
From my home – which many of you are already in bed! – good night wishes are being sent to all of our friends, family plus supporters!