Miss Mollie came with me to work on Saturday September 28th.

1 year old Saint Bernard/Standard PoodleX

She weighed 32.6 kgs(71.72 pounds) and is at an ideal weight for her.

Unfortunately, in doing our proactive detailed bloodwork panel as part of our mandate of doing right by each dog that comes into BHRR; it was discovered that she is Lymes disease positive.

So, she has begun treatment which includes getting the Lyme vaccine – she will require a booster in four weeks time plus she is now on a 28 day course of Doxycycline.

All of our dogs go on flea/tick and Heartworm meds and are de-wormed. We never cut corners with our Vetting for the dogs in our care.

So, this sweet, a bit shy and nervous still of strangers young lady – yet, we have only had her 10 days – will be with us for some time as we work to successfully treat her Lymes disease.

This is a pic of her with one of my fellow work colleagues at EVC – they came in on their day off to meet Miss Mollie! 

This beautiful pup is going to be an amazing addition to the right matched forever loving home when she is healthy! She really is such a doll!